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Zapalniczka motocyklowa
£ 25.14 Information Informacje o części
Contains outlet, wiring, fuse and instructions.
Zestaw awaryjny - OSRAM H4 12V60/55W (żarówki i bezpieczniki)
£ 9.88 Information Informacje o części
Emergency Bulb and Fuse Set contains a selection of Bulbs and fuses including H4 Headlight, Stop/Tail, Flasher, 20,15 and 30 amp Fuses.
Zestaw naprawczy linki - firmy Slinky Glide
£ 5.60 Information Informacje o części
Slinky Glide Emergency Cable Repair Kit with stainless steel inner cables
- 1 160cm cable of 1.2mm diameter with soldered nipple.
- 1 160cm cable of 2mm diameter with soldered nipple.
- 7 different nipple adapters.
- Suitable for most clutch cables and throttle cables.
Cigarette Socket Auxiliary Power Cable With Dual USD Port By BC
£ 28.25 Information Informacje o części
Waterproof 12 Cigarette Socket With Handlebar Mount + Dual USB Cigarette Socket Charger/Adapter. Total cable length: 145cm.
Emergency Puncture Repair Kit for Tubeless Tyres
£ 8.95 Information Informacje o części
For emergency use ONLY
Hi Vis Strip by Oxford Small - Yellow
£ 3.71  
Mechanical Speedo And Tacho Cable Repair Kit - Slinky Glide
£ 5.60 Information Informacje o części
Suitable For Most Mechanical Speedometers
Cable is 1.5 Metres Long And 3.2mm in Diameter
Instructions Included
Motorcycle Jump Leads 12/6v 1.5 metres
£ 12.54 Information Informacje o części
Ideal for emergency use in motorcycles and small vehicles. Light-weight, easier for storage. For 6v and 12v batteries. Length: 1.5M. Copper area: 5mm sq. Amps: 100amp. Weight: 336 grams
Oxford 1st Time Tank Bag 18 litres
£ 49.99 Information Informacje o części
Extremely popular tank bag offering excellent value for money. Complete with storm cover and shoulder strap. Luggage Capacity 18 Litres
Oxford Biker Tool kit - 28 Piece in Carry Case
£ 15.84  
Oxford Strap-Nav Sat Nav Holder
£ 29.95 Information Informacje o części
A water-resistant holder with universal adjustable velcro straps and protective cover. Suitable for Sat Nav/phone up to 145x 95mm x 30mm
Oxford Strap-on 18L Tank Bag
£ 38.80 Information Informacje o części
Length: 36cm Width: 32cm Height: 16cm
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