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Zapalniczka motocyklowa
£ 25.14 Information Informacje o części
Contains outlet, wiring, fuse and instructions.
Zestaw awaryjny - OSRAM H4 12V60/55W (żarówki i bezpieczniki)
£ 9.88 Information Informacje o części
Emergency Bulb and Fuse Set contains a selection of Bulbs and fuses including H4 Headlight, Stop/Tail, Flasher, 20,15 and 30 amp Fuses.
Zestaw naprawczy linki - firmy Slinky Glide
£ 5.60  
Cigarette Socket Auxiliary Power Cable With Dual USD Port By BC
£ 28.25 Information Informacje o części
Waterproof 12 Cigarette Socket With Handlebar Mount + Dual USB Cigarette Socket Charger/Adapter. Total cable length: 145cm.
Emergency Puncture Repair Kit for Tubeless Tyres
£ 8.95 Information Informacje o części
For emergency use ONLY
Hi Vis Strip by Oxford Small - Yellow
£ 3.71  
Mechanical Speedo and Tacho Cable Repair Kit - Slinky Glide
£ 5.60 Information Informacje o części
Motorcycle Jump Leads 12/6v 1.5 metres
£ 12.54 Information Informacje o części
Ideal for emergency use in motorcycles and small vehicles. Light-weight, easier for storage. For 6v and 12v batteries. Length: 1.5M. Copper area: 5mm sq. Amps: 100amp. Weight: 336 grams
Oxford 1st Time Tank Bag 18 litres
£ 49.99 Information Informacje o części
Extremely popular tank bag offering excellent value for money. Complete with storm cover and shoulder strap. Luggage Capacity 18 Litres
Oxford Biker Tool kit - 28 Piece in Carry Case
£ 15.84  
Oxford Strap-on 18L Tank Bag
£ 38.80 Information Informacje o części
Length: 36cm Width: 32cm Height: 16cm
Ram Mounts - Large Tank Base With 1 inch Ball
£ 35.51 Information Informacje o części
The RAM Gas Tank base is a low-profile way to get a unique perspective from your camera or to attach your electronic device where it can be quickly accessible. This powder coated aluminum base mounts directly to the stock gas tank of any listed compatible motorcycles. We include the hardware you need to mount to the fill port as well. To ensure proper fit use the measuring guide. Tank bolts distance, for this part will be 4"
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