Lynx Hooks Adjustable Luggage Straps Pair Pink [AF0311]

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Lynx Hooks Adjustable Luggage Straps Pair Pink
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Better than Bungee Cords

Lynx Hooks are fully adjustable, versatile, flexible and safer than traditional bungee cords.
They're better in every way.

Versatility: Unique Interlocking Design

Two Lynx Hooks Three Lynx Hooks Four Lynx Hooks

Two Lynx Hooks can simply be locked together to make a double length single tie-down.

Three, four, five or even more links can be joined together, easily and securely, to make a custom built cargo net or spider net, adjusted to have the exact length and tension required on each leg.

Safety: No more 'Bungee Backfire'

The nature of a fixed length traditional bungee means that to securely fit something, the user needs to use brute strength to stretch-and-hook a bungee over a load and onto to the second anchor point. Just like a rubber band, letting go at the wrong moment results in potentially painful 'bungee backfire'.

Because Lynx Hooks are adjustable, it's incredibly easy to simply hook first, and then adjust the strap for the correct tension.

Lynx Hooks in Action

Adaptability: No more bucketfuls of bungees

Lynx Hooks are fully adjustable from 19" to 45" and it's possible to hook multiple straps together to make one long solid strap. This means no more lugging around bucketfuls of bungees - lynx straps cover any length that you need.

Lynx Straps are solid rubber

Strength: ROK Solid Straps

Custom made 'ROK' sport stretch straps are premium quality fittings make Lynx Hooks stronger and longer lasting than many alternative tie-down solutions. 'ROK' straps are made with premium, solid rubber, protected in weather resistant, UV safe woven polyester for use in all weather.


A variety of colourful designs are available for any application.

Lynx Straps in Black Lynx Straps in Orange Lynx Straps in Green Lynx Straps in Camouflage Lynx Straps in Red Lynx Straps in Blue Lynx Straps in Pink
Black Orange Green Camouflage Red Blue Pink

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Lynx Hooks Adjustable Luggage Straps Pair Pink [AF0311]
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